Focus on your specialty, whether it's diagnosis, treatment, or providing care, and let RA Services take care of billing, claims processing, third-party payers, and all the endless inquiries they generate. RA Services can help with your accounting, too.

RA Services will help you to:

  • Maximize revenue from your practice
  • Shorten your billing cycle
  • Reduce administrative time and costs
  • Follow-up claim denials aggressively
  • Eliminate constant hardware and software upgrades
  • Comply with regulatory and payer policy changes
  • Maintain patient information privacy and security
  • Maintain your accounting records
  • Focus on your specialty

With 35 years experience, state of the art information technology, a fully staffed call center and local knowledge of provider and payer practices, RA Services can shoulder your billing and claims processing burden. We'll even put your statements in the mail for you.

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